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CLA-2A Compressor / Limiter

Smooth, warm, natural-sounding tube compression
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Wrap Your Tracks in Classic Silky Smooth Compression


The CLA-2A models what may be the most coveted and popular hardware compressor/limiter ever made. A favorite of studio engineers everywhere, this studio mainstay has graced countless vocal, bass, guitar, and other instrument tracks for over half a century with its alluring, warm sound.

Behind the strikingly simple interface, the original hardware’s optical-based dynamics processing relies on complex circuit interactions. Modeled from studio legend Chris Lord-Alge’s personally favorite hardware unit, CLA-2A perfectly emulates the original’s response and sound.

  • The legendary electro-optical tube compressor
  • Modeled from Chris Lord-Alge’s personal vintage hardware
  • Natural-sounding even with heavy compression
  • Optimum attack/release times fit vocals like a glove
  • Tube emulation adds musical, harmonic saturation
  • Limiter mode increases instrument sustain
  • Mix control for easy parallel compression
  • Presets by Chris Lord-Alge for vocals, guitar, bass, drums, more
  • Trim control for quick level adjustment
  • Zero latency for both studio and live mixing
  • Optional subtle analog hiss and hum for total authenticity
  • Includes sidechain frequency filter
Watch It in Action

Legendary Tube Compression, Modeled to Perfection

  • Superb Dynamics—Simple Interface

    Choose compression or limiting, dial in gain reduction with the Peak reduction knob, add makeup gain with the Gain control—done. Superb dynamics control doesn’t get any simpler, or more effective, than this.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Legendary Attack and Release

    The CLA-2A’s design sweetens attacks, yet lets consonants through so that vocal (and instrument) attacks retain their clarity. The release decelerates over time, for a smooth decay that never sounds choppy.

  • Warmth without Compromise

    The CLA-2A is legendary for its warm sound, but it combines that with clarity and definition. Although tracks blend beautifully within a mix, pushing the peak reduction further adds punch and presence.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Added Extras for Flexible Mixing

    Apply dynamics control across all frequencies, or just high frequencies to keep treble under control. Use the sidechain to lock compression to other tracks. Choose a totally clean sound, or add authentic-sounding hiss and hum. Dial in the MIX knob for parallel compression—and the TRIM knob for quick level adjustments.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”
  • Supervised by Chris Lord-Alge—With His Presets

    The CLA-2A models legendary mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge’s favorite hardware unit, perfectly maintained in his studio for optimal performance. Chris supervised the modeling and created plugin presets for vocals, guitar, bass, drums and more, giving you superb starting points for your mixing.

    Features: Multiple Modes Fit Different Material