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Clarity Vx

AI-powered noise removal for vocals and voice
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Clean Your Vocals Instantly with AI-powered Purity

Got great vocal recordings ruined by unwanted background noise—air conditioner, room rumble, rain, traffic, airplane flyovers, background talking, etc.? Solve these issues with Clarity Vx, whose advanced Neural Networks (the same engine as in the larger Clarity Vx Pro) are trained to recognize vocals, and separate them from noise.

With its revolutionary combination of artifact-free audio quality and instant results, Clarity Vx works miracles with any vocal, in music or in voice recordings for video, podcasting or film. Hands down, this is the highest-quality AND the fastest way to clean your vocal/voice recordings.

  • Ultra high-fidelity noise cleaning for vocals, unequalled clarity
  • Ideal for music, voiceovers, and dialogue post-production
  • Fast results in real time—no learning curve
  • Non-destructive, no rendering or consolidation time required
  • Save hours every session with real-time workflow & automation
  • Choose the exact vocal/noise balance with a single knob
  • Choice of two ‘Broad’ Neural Networks to handle different noise characters
  • Third ‘ECO’ Neural Network for low-CPU dialogue cleaning: 2-3x the performance efficiency
  • ‘Double’ analysis plus width control for stereo Asources
  • Powered by Waves Neural Networks technology
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Revolutionary AI Noise Removal for Vocals

  • Cutting-Edge Machine Learning

    The secret to Clarity’s stunning performance: advanced machine learning, combined with meticulous human evaluation. Clarity’s engine has analyzed millions of hours of audio, and learned how to distinguish vocals from non-vocal sounds. This is why, unlike other advanced noise reduction plugins, Clarity Vx works its magic in real time, without going through the time-consuming process of having to ‘learn’ the profile of each individual track.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Balance Voice and Background—Easily

    Reduce everything except voice, to isolate it completely. Or, when the voice’s context matters (as can happen with film, podcasting, or social media videos), dial back the reduction to re-introduce some of the background.

  • 3 Neural Networks for Optimal Results

    Choose between three Neural Networks: Broad 1 preserves both main and background voices, when the recording has more than one voice. Broad 2 is recommended for severe noises, and for separating a main voice from secondary background voices. Broad ECO is a low-CPU neural network for dialogue only, great for heavy sessions where you need to use many instances of Clarity Vx.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Sophistical Stereo Noise Removal

    Clarity Vx knows that stereo’s two channels can differ, so a special Double mode analyzes each channel separately, and then processes them appropriately. Of course, Clarity VX can also process mono audio.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”