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Waves Stream

Remote music collaboration in a single click: Share your DAW audio in real time
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Remote Music Collaborationin a Single Click


Share lossless audio from your DAW with your friends, co-creators, and clients—in real-time, at one easy click of a button.

Waves Stream is a plugin and web service designed to make high-quality audio sharing a smooth part of your collaborative creative process. Whether you want to share your mix for instant feedback, or receive audio for collaboration, Waves Stream provides industry-leading quality, ultra-low latency, secure link sharing, and unique features such as integrated mic control.

Now you can easily collaborate on sessions and share your audio with producers, musicians and mixers working remotely, as if you were in the same room. (Please note that Waves Stream currently allows you to collaborate with one person at a time.) Waves Stream is also ideal when you want to easily check your own mixes outside of your studio—in the car, on the phone, anywhere.

  • Collaborate remotely by sharing your DAW audio in real time
  • User-friendly UI for easy one-click audio sharing
  • Listen anywhere via web player (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone)
  • Also listen in your DAW: ‘Receiver’ plugin included in your license
  • Built-in Mic control: talk directly via Waves Stream
  • Secure & private: One-time links, optional password protection
  • Check your own mixes away from your studio via easy QR code
  • Share your entire session or any specific tracks, groups, or buses
  • Lossless audio powered by proprietary Waves Falcon codec
  • Ultra-low latency via peer-to-peer connection
Watch It in Action

Share Lossless Audio from Your DAW in Real Time

  • One-Click Audio Sharing: Just Press the Button

    Start sharing your DAW audio within seconds, without disrupting your creative flow. Just load the Waves Stream plugin on your master bus or on a specific track, press the big play button, and share the link.

  • Access Sessions Anytime, Anywhere

    Open the sessions shared with you in any browser, plugin-free, on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. The Waves Stream web player is available to anyone who receives a Waves Stream link, no license required.

    Features: Access Sessions Anytime, Anywhere
  • Web Player or DAW? Your Choice.

    Listening via the Waves Stream web player requires no license. Prefer to listen to incoming audio through your DAW? You can do that too, using the ‘Receiver’ plugin included in your Waves Stream license.

    Features: Web Player or DAW? Your Choice.
  • The Car Test. Simpler.

    Sometimes you need to get away from your studio to hear how things sound out there in the world. With Waves Stream it’s super-easy. Pull out your phone, scan the Waves Stream QR code, loop your audio—and go listen in your airpods, on your car speakers, or anywhere else.

    Features: The Car Test. Simpler.
  • Integrated Mic Control

    Waves Stream’s built-in Mic control allows you to comment on the song or mix you are sharing while you’re playing it—similar to a studio’s talkback function. This is especially helpful when you’re seeking approval or final sign-off from the person you’re collaborating with. Simply sidechain any channel that has a mic connected to it to Waves Stream, and comment away—complete with easy gain control.

    Features: Integrated Mic Control
  • 100% Private and Secure

    We’ve made sure your audio will reach only the right people. First, every Stream is a one-time, single-use link. Second, if someone doesn’t click on a link within 5 minutes of you sending it, the stream will terminate. Third, you have the option to easily password-protect your links.

    Features: 100% Private and Secure
  • Lossless Audio Powered by Waves Falcon Technology

    Waves Stream’s uncompromising audio quality is powered by the Waves Falcon codec, our proprietary technology created specifically for this service to ensure industry-leading audio quality with better dynamic detail.

    Features: Lossless Audio Powered by Waves Falcon Technology